Micropoetry for Me – February 18, 2014



yellow primula
birdsong filling morning air
first springtime heralds

Me Senryu

my first day of life
born in the dead of winter
longing for spring days

off to be feted
cappuccino and brioche
old lady’s champagne

sun looks like shining
I’d better whisper the news
capricious swain

Sixty-two years old
when I was ten I’d’ve said
ancient old lady

PeopleAmerican Sentences

Age may be just a number, but believe me arthritis sure isn’t.

Chatting is such a delicate matter, people only see your words.

Sadly, he looks from inside himself and doesn’t see anyone else.

People are often just a mystery, sometimes I prefer Sherlock Holmes.

12 thoughts on “Micropoetry for Me – February 18, 2014

  1. How original…love the haiku and your photo!! when is your bd, Georgia. By talking bd you gave me my idea for the short story and funk…Had 2 in mind and this third one just popped up. I like that you are a day ahead…almost with writing anyway…it helps me to get my act together and so happy I am not working so I can participate. That photo of you is just adorable and the frame exquisite.


    • I do so love that photo. My Mom had it taken when I was a year old, and that’s the original frame. It used to be at my Grandma’s house, but when she passed away, Mom took it back, I’d asked her for it when I was last home, and she sent it to me last Christmas. I’m glad you can use my posts as a sort of inspiration and reminder for the prompts…that’s cool! My bd is today by the way 😉


      • Oh!! I read this too late and your bd has passed!!! You are one day before my sister, and the same day as my godchild AND the same day as my ex father in law. No wonder you are so darn special!!! Happy Belated birthday my friend…ciao Bella xx


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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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