Ostranenie Nightmare – WDPWP Poetry Prompt # 011

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe live in a world of our own creation.
Born in an age of technical revolution.
Thinking we’d better our lot on Earth,
We’re lost in this gone-off devolution,
Sad age of sour milk and cyclamates,
Our only values weighed in dollars and cents,
Our devil is another Value Added Tax,
On the next shoddy toy that we want to buy,
Made in factories of an emerging nation…

Our factories closed, since capital decided
The working people earned far too much.
Cities moulder and decay as economies die,
Whole families become homeless,
Tension grows, young people kill themselves
And their fellow students,
In a secular libertarian promised land
Gone sour, without love for humanity.

Whilst children toil and die to keep prices down,
Everything in the west in now imported.
Oh no, I exaggerate, we still excel in creating,
Nutrition-free food full of cheap new chemicals.
Oh “Brave New World” that’s ’round the corner
Of passive eugenic biological robots,
With pet tested allergic-free
Electronic chips to control them,
Culture-free schools to educate them,
And health programmes created to eliminate,
The excess.

Dystopian nightmare over,
I awoke, to write this poem,
Born, from sombre contemplation
Of dictats, made by just one nation,
Whose ideals are attractive,
But whose roots are rotten.
For liberty, is not buying power,
Nor is man, more than a small part
Of the Universe, we call creation.
Evolution is not the next new invention
of some mad industrial scientist,
But learning to take a step beyond
Our self-centred vision of life
Moving foreward, going beyond,
Our symian nature.
Written for Prompt #011 of We Drink Because We’re Poets

From: NamaKo London - pinterest.com/namakolondon

From: NamaKo London – pinterest.com/namakolondon

10 thoughts on “Ostranenie Nightmare – WDPWP Poetry Prompt # 011

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    • Yes, a little sad and probably depressing…but poets shouldn’t hide from these things, though I usually do avoid these factI guess. Sorry I depressed you though.


      • No no please don’t apologise I’m fine and I enjoy writings that invoke emotions it’s how it should be. Someone said to me if you always felt good how would you know it was good unless you felt the opposite. X


        • Ah…sounds like a wise person! 🙂 Glad it didn’t bring you down. These lines kept waking me up all night:

          Born in an age of technical revolution.

          We’re lost in this gone-off devolution,
          Sad age of sour milk and cyclamates,

          So I had to write them down…the rest followed almost by itself. I was hoping the last stanza was a bit more positive.


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