A drop in the sea – FWF Image Prompt


Source: We Heart It

A converstion between two men in a café after hearing the news report that an unidentified very rich Italian “ex-premier” who had been in politics for the past 23 years had just won the Irish sweepstake.

“You can say what you want…it’s not a drop in the sea, it’s a whole bloody flood in the sea!” Marco wailed.

“Oh you do so exaggerate…I mean, ok so he hit the jackpot and won a million dollars…so what’s the biggy?” replied Maurizio.

“Good grief…he already is a blasted millionaire, I mean what is it with fate? Can’t she see that that is just so unfair, I mean where’s the justice in this?”

“Don’t they say that Justice is blind…luck is too if I remember.”


“Come on, you’re really over-reacting, I mean it has really nothing to do with you.  It certainly isn’t going to change your life!”

“Oh yes it is, I’d already bought a Ferrari convertable,  the house of my dreams and had planned to take a trip around the world!”


“Well, in my imagination, but still…I could just feel that car as it went speeding down the road, my hair blown back in the wind…”

“Well, just as well you aren’t racing down the road, with your luck the Carabinieri would probably have given you a ticket.”

“Yeh, thanks, rub the salt in!   Why did he even bother to buy a sweepstake’s ticket..he’s a fracking millionaire!”

“Guess that’s why he is a millionaire, never let’s an opportunity pass.”

“I wonder who he bribed?”


14 thoughts on “A drop in the sea – FWF Image Prompt

  1. Oh that is soooo good! I would never had thought of “drop in the sea” expression. You are so darn clever! I just saw the prompt…may have to zzzzz a bit if my migraine will let me…think happy thoughts…oh, yes, a sexy handsome man wants to meet me…he only live 6hours away…ahahaha…one can dream:)


    • Oh dear, I hate to disillusion you ut I just literally translated an Italian idiomatic phrase which means “there’s so much it won’t make any difference” 😉 I’m happy you liked it though. That sexy handsome guy just 6 hours away sound interesting… lol…sweet dreams!


  2. aloha Bastet. i like where the video took you. this (imo) is how haiga is meant to work. there is a relationship but one (words and video) do not describe or illustrate the other directly. i like this a lot.

    maybe i like it a lot because i’m trying to think on this for my own purposes. that is how video and haiku can connect. my thinking has been in much the same way as you are working this write here. seeing you do it is a light in that direction. thank you.

    i also like the dialogue approach. this strikes me as actually having happened. it’s that real. maybe it did. or similar enough. and i keep thinking. . . . no way that lottery was unadjusted. . . . ha. cynic that i am.

    fun read. aloha.


    • lol…well, it didn’t actually happen that I know of, but it’s not really hard to reenact that sort of conversation if I think of my characters being here in Italy. Over the years, most people I know have become more and more cynical and bitter about everything public. The Italians in the end, are always a bit cynical anyway…comes from centuries of feudalism and the church predominence I think. I like to practice from time to time with just dialogue…I usually don’t use it very much but it is an essential part of writing in the end.
      know what you mean about looking and reading around and finding inspiration and how haiga should work. it’s cool to see where things can take you!
      Thanks for dropping by! Ciao.


      • yes. i think dialogue is important and a very interesting thing to try to lay down in writing. and of course then to get it to sound realistic. this is not an area i’ve gone into often (occasionally, but not often). i may have to attempt it a little more at some time. . . . ha. we’ll see. fun. aloha


          • bwahahahahaha. when i actually T.R.Y to write as if two people are speaking i know it can come out stilted. when i talk within my mind. i think it works better. it’s the conversation of two characters i create that is challenging for me. sometimes it’s okay. at other times, when i want them to say something specific. . . . they can be just about as stubborn about it as i am. i suspect it would help if i learned the correct way to annotate speaking. . . . ah. another learning project no doubt. ha. fun on. aloha.


          • can’t help you much here. when I try, I just copy what comes out of through my head to my fingers. I’ve found though that if I don’t TRY to have my characters say something specific it works better, the conversations come out stilted when I want to say something specific, as in a lesson or something. ciao.


          • yes. exactly. it’s way better of my conversation just flows from my skull and i see what my characters want to say. it’s the plot that may have something necessary with conversation that becomes difficult for me. maybe the plot is wrong? maybe that’s what that means. i will have to consider that. regardless i am attempting bits of conversation here and there now. way fun. thank you for the prod. aloha.


          • dialogue is not easy, and yes, it often depends on the plot. I’ve been doing just dialogue for a couple of posts to work into it, kind of get the knack…recently adding plot. May bea matter of practice.


          • yeah. along with a few attempts on my part i’ve noticed i’m mentally watching how dialogue is shown in books i’m reading too.

            cool on our evolving on this. fun. aloha.


    • 🙂 the Italians are a magnificent people. Even the young people have a dab of the cynic in them, it’s all about history and how power has been used against the common people. Still they’re ready with a joke and good humor.


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