1914 – Tanka


they shook their sabers
formed their terrible allies
laid their secret plans
saught motivation
in June Franz Ferdinand died

poor Sarajevo
peace is not your destiny
Princip shot you down
making you a cause for war
nine million men soon would die

the great war t’was named
the war that would end them all
many lives destroyed
with horrid technology
revolutions changed nations

four years and a world
tallied its sad destruction
new powers were born
economy gone hey-wired
will create a second war

this is his story
mankind’s folly never ends
kill your young people
for pride, profit and power
mother’s, sit at home and weep


One hundred years ago, Europe began preparing for what would be called World War One one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history.  In my opinion, probably not only mine, it was just the prelude to the Second World War and the Cold War.

If we look at the planet as just one big country, I think we might be able to safely say, we’ve never ever known a moment of peace in any age. With our wonderful technological capacity though, I think we’ve come to a point where we might want to learn a little self-control.  Never, before the 20th century, have we had the power to destroy ourselves.  That power hasn’t been matched with a new capacity to avoid armed conflict.  I wonder if there’s really anyone out there with the power to stop our leaders from destrying us or our future generations.

3 thoughts on “1914 – Tanka

  1. Well said, Georgia. Such a tragedy! I have relatives who went overseas but here in Canada we were spared of the damage, ravages of war. It’s posts and poems like that makes your blog so unique, Georgia. xx


    • Thanks Oliana..doesn’t seem one of my most popular poems, but most of my readers are used to haiku and fluff 😉 I don’t like violence, and having been present whilst people destroyed themselves in Africa brings bad memories back so I avoid it, besides there are so many other authors who write so much better about this subject! When I first came to Italy though, there were still many bombed out buildings and still to this day some old bombs are found and have to be taken care of, usually meaning a whole block has to be evacuated. North America has been very fortunate to never have had war right in their own countries. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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