Just a Note – February 24th 2014

Hello World!

Another Monday, and more reflections!

It’s been an interesting week.  I’ve been out a bit more, the rain having finally let off a little.  This has given me the opportunity to show you a little of what Trento, the capital of Trentino looks like.  Great old town actually in its small provincial way.

Last week was my birthday, I’m now officially a year older!  I wrote a few Micropoems for the occasion…though I thought last year’s poem wasn’t half bad!

Birthdays, Birthdays Birthdays…how I love birthdays!  My Birthdays, my friend’s Birthdays anyone’s Birthday, just as long as it’s a Birthday!

Ok, it’s not high literature.

So here I am, my second birthday on WordPress.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet some great people here in that year.  I’ve also found that the WordPress community is about as stable as water.  Very fluid.  You may find, those of you who are new here, that for the most part, people will be around for a few months and then “poof” they’re gone.  Sometimes people have just dropped off the face of the world…you can’t even find them on Facebook (I don’t tweet).  Other times, you’ll find them from time to time somewhere else, as I said before, like on Facebook.

Why do they disappear?  Sometimes because they’ve been harassed or offended by other bloggers…yes, it does happen.  Sometimes because their life has become too full and there’s no time to blog.  There are those who thought blogging would be a great way to promote their literary work…but were disillusioned.  Sometimes they’ve changed from WordPress and gone somewhere else, but forgot to tell you.  Sometimes they’ve discovered that blogging is not their thing.  Other times they’ve become depressed and can’t write now.  For whatever the reason and there are plenty…poof they’re gone.  Alas, sigh, as I used to say when teasing one of may favorite poets, who disappeared from WordPress in October.

Fortunately many are still blogging along…maybe just a post every few days, but they’re there.  I think it depends on why they decided to open a blog.  You see, many people are here promoting their artistic work, whether that work be in images or writing.  sometimes people are here to sell something.  Sometimes, like me, they just thought it’d be interesting to do something besides looking at Facebook (which is pretty dumb at times and boring).  They may get excited about what they’ve discovered blogging to be, as I did.  Last year for me, blogging was a really fantastic adventure.

Now I’m not promoting anything, though I’m happy to say that last year in August, Sahm King, who now only sporadically posts on WordPress since he’s started working, published an anthology of poetry and I was included with 10 of my poems.  Now that was a real high point for me in the year! (The First Round’s On Us! An Anthology of Poetic Musings) Uhm…just in case you wanted your own copy you can click the link and get one free!

Ok, I just promoted a book of poetry.  However, that is not why I blog nor why I began to blog.  I blog because I like to blog.  I’m very happy to know that there are people out there that find what I write is interesting, but I’ve no illusions to being the modern female Basho or Hemingway.

I presume that one day I’ll get the energy and the knowledge together to compile a work of poetry or flash fiction or maybe photos and publish them.  It does seem the next logical step.  I’ve actually been playing with the idea for a few months.  Fact is, I don’t know if I want to go Japanese poetry, western poetry or if I want to mix the stuff up.  And there’s another point..uhm…I’m shy.

Let’s face it.  I’m here behind my computer and no one can touch me.  You can say the most terrible things about what I write, and I wouldn’t know it.  However, when one goes really public, and puts their work up on Amazon or whatever, ah, then there they are, exposed to all and sundry.  From what I’ve read, you’ve got to be pretty thick-skinned at times to read some of the stuff people write about you and your work.

You may tell me that that can happen here too on WordPress or on Facebook or Twitter, and I’ll agree with you.  I’ve been very lucky so far (and may be pushing fate even mentioning this).  I’ve had someone give me some corrections and someone to mention that my cutting lines in my haiku were pretty lame.  However, for the most part, everyone has been really lovely!

So, what will I do.  Well, in about half an hour, I’m going for an early morning walk with my camera.  Then, I may do some shopping and when I get home keep hubby company.  Maybe later in the day, I’ll be back over here to write something if I feel inspired.  I’ll probably process a few of the photos, maybe post them.  I’ll write a story for Speakeasy, I missed posting with them on time last week, and run down a friend who’s translating one of my stories that I’ll be submitting for a contest here in Arco.  Fix some dinner and maybe hubby and I  will do some reading together – we’re thinking of Douglas Adams.  That’s what you do when you are 62 years old.  Live your life as it comes along! 😉

Have a great week folks!  Bastet.

P.S.  I wrote a poem in memory of the beginning of the First World War the other day, which Oliana liked very much…you can find it here.  I’ve put in this after thought in because she reblogged this post for that poem ;-).

11 thoughts on “Just a Note – February 24th 2014

  1. Hello hello,just stopping by to tell you how much I like the area which you live in.We stayed at the campsite in Arco a few years ago and we enjoyed very much.You see what the blog does?Next time, if there will be a next time , I will let you know. We can meet by the lake and have a jolly good chat(my husband is a writer too).


  2. Two years! Congratulations. I completed two years last November but I do take time off when ‘life’ catches up and snatches away my time.

    All good wishes with your blogging, Georgia dear,


  3. hey, kiddo! really enjoyed reading your post here. happy birthday!

    gosh, my blog celebrates its first birthday on March 10th. somedays I think about deleting it (“aw, who gives a shit” has been a lifelong script I have to fight against), but then I’ll write something I’m really, really proud of – and I’m glad I have somewhere to post it, even if not very many people see or like it.

    laziness, too… for me it’s the handmaiden of persistence! 😉

    happy Monday!


    • My blog had it’s first birthday on January 1st (or was it 2nd), therefore, this is my second birthday blogging.
      I can empathize with your “aw, who gives a shit” believe it or not, it happens to me as well, especially when someone I care for just ups and disappears without notice. I guess in a way, I may write for myself, but I also write for people who inspire me. I actually like most of the stuff I write and it’s nice to be able to publish, and be read, even if only in blog. There have been moments over the last year that were fantastically exciting…like when we were playing around with the 13th floor idea. And then again there were those moments when friends got far more involved in the negative aspects of life, which was very sad.
      Still if I keep blogging, it is for myself, otherwise I’d have already stopped several times 🙂
      Glad you have your handmaiden to keep you writing. I’ve seen you’ve come up with quite a few poems last weekend (of which I only read a couple) good show! Thanks for dropping by and hope you have a great week! Ciao!


  4. Lovely lovely Post!! I was bobbing my head so many places, smiling, frowning when at missing a poet I miss too and admire your humility, Georgia. You are so very talented and I learn a lot from your posts…when you have a new form, you show us step by step and always take the time to visit and comment. Bless you for being you! I think it is through WDBWP that I first heard of you and your poems in ,The First Round’s On Us! An Anthology of Poetic Musings, which is the first time I downloaded something here…ant not the last. I would hardly say you are promoting a book. It IS free, so I would say you are offering readers an opportunity to read classy poems:) I promise if I ever get too busy or even depressed, I will drop a line to let you know:) Hugs, Oliana


    • Thanks so much Oliana! Interesting that you came across my blog through WDBWP…that blog has become a second home (at the mo, it’s a little shaky as homes go :-/ ) and I really am happy you’ll give forewarning if you decide not to blog anymore! I think I would miss you terribly if you did stop blogging, but that’s the way of life, sooner or later we will all probably move on! We can always hope that some of those poets who left for a week will return some day. Though it’s been a mighty long…week…have you heard from her?
      I’m happy you enjoy the posts, makes writing even more worth-while…hugs to you, Georgia!


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