Friday Fictioneers February 28, 2014

Copyright -Sandra Crook

Copyright -Sandra Crook

“Rather short notice wasn’t it?” Suzanne said.
“Well, my husband has to be at his new office on Monday next!” Barb replied.
“However did you find a house?”
“Another castle comes with the job.”
“Have you found a moving company?”
“Well, no, Harry Dunn will move our stuff!”
“The farmer? In his open hay cart?” Suzanne laughed.
“It’s either that or wait a month.  John has to be in Scotland next week …”
“I’ve got an idea!”
A week later, from her English castle, Barb invaded Scotland followed by a caravan of English friends and neighbours.
William Wallace shuddered!

Word count 99.

A fellow blogger, Barb Taub has recently moved to Scotland, this is my homage to her!

Written for Friday Fictioneers

19 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers February 28, 2014

  1. (Giggle. Snort…).

    Of course, it was England so the caravan was actually bearing bottles instead of boxes. But since I had my new BFF, Mr. Nelson the Mover, I’d say the bottles were definitely more welcome.


    • It was a fun write. I’d love to visit Scotland one day…well seems I’m always saying I’d love to visit one place or another! I think the weather in the British Isles must really be the pits from what I’ve heard!


      • You don’t go to neither Scotland or Ireland for the beach … but the weather isn’t that bad … it rains at times, but I think it rains everywhere those days.
        The early autumn is the time to go …
        I know the feeling, so many places … not enough time .. or money. *smile


    • Good for you that you looked up William Wallace…I could imagine the man rolling over in his grave with all those Englishmen caravaning into Scotland! Glad you liked the post! 😀


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