Senryu – Children February 27, 2014

children's trainSenryu for Children

at sixty-two
I watch children in the parks
some  games unchanged

children pretend
in parks and streets, imitating
the world they see

war in the parks
massacre’s and monsters
all for play

let’s say you’re the Mom …
then you’re the Dad …
no, I’m the baby!

hopscotch and croquet
old games can’t be played
on Wii

5 thoughts on “Senryu – Children February 27, 2014

      • So sad, I live in a house that has many different cultures … and our backyard there is always kids in all ages playing.
        I love it – always some scream and shut when I open my balcony door, but never any Swedish kids out there kicking football.


        • Here, we do see amaller kids in the parks, but the older ones really don’t have much space..but that’s always been true, Italy is one huge city in the end, but when I came to Italy there were fields where the older kids played soccer, without being in an official team…same with other sports. Now it’s all organized or and as I said the older ones are usually off with the Wii…


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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