The Writer – Free Verse


What does this writer really see,
looking upon the field of life’s mystery,
she sees a world of dark death for sure,
yet when she writes, the words unfold,
into stories of hope and happiness!

She’d love to write dark gloomy tales
of fright and fear in misty vales
and though the story begins quite fell,
a twist inside the story grows
and humor replaces horror!

She smiles upon a somber world,
transforming it into stories swirled
with, if not sugar, at least delight,
finding a moral or a surprise,
ruining a perfectly lovely murder trial!

She’s known sadness, had her woes,
it’s not that she doesn’t really know
what drama and hurt feels like inside,
yet, all her life has long been spent
living without expressing sad laments.

If you meet her walking down the street
she’ll greet you with a chipper tweet.
Sympathize with you for your loss.
Listen to your troubles and your moans,
And try to make you smile.

She’s seen war, crime and destruction
and put them into little constructions
of other worlds that have no weight
and so she walks in a pink mist world
she’s worked very hard to create.

There she stands at sixty-two
white haired and a little flabby too
creating worlds and fantasies,
poems, fables or mysteries
in a paradox of fluffy joyful delight.

Contemplaing a world without weight
from her wu-wei point of view
makes it really hard for her to see
the road to writing bloody murder mysteries
so she ends up writing haiku!


This is the prompt from Meeting The Bar: Character Matters at dVerse Poet’s Pub:

“What I would like you to do today is to write a poem and focus on developing at least one character within your verse. The verse can be a just about that person, or they can be just and ‘actor’ in a greater situation. Do make sure that you working on making that one character come alive for the reader.”

26 thoughts on “The Writer – Free Verse

  1. i like that there is always something to bring it back from the horror to humor…there is an inner joy to that in my opinion…i rather like the worldview of a world without weight as well…i have not mastered that trick yet


    • lol…I really think that a world without weight is more a goal and towards which one tends rather than a reality, but the tendency is to see silverlinings…I wonder if one could write a murder mystery with a silver lining…


    • yesterday I wrote a peom for a prompt on inspiration…there I speak of how my muse works…I rarely outline anything…things just happen. Of course I suppose if I were to write a novel, that would change..but in the meantime…I begin writing with an idea in mind and it takes on a life of its own! Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts!


  2. you painted a complex character here…the close made me smile… i love if a writer is able to turn horror into humor… writing things down takes some of their weight away and helps me to breathe easier


    • well, in the case of this character, it’s no talent to turn horror into humor…or just a banal every day story, it just turns out that way. I’m seeing that there are writers who have the opposite problam, which takes me back to wondering how muses work! Thanks for dropping by!


    • Linda, I’d optimist…with a touch of the delusional? In the world and times that we’re living in it’s hard to say. I think it has to do with being born and raised in the 50s in the U.S. (a very up-beat period full of everything’s possible and nothing bad can really happen) compounded by the study of Zen. Glad you like her outlook, and thinks for stoppy by to say so! Georgia.


  3. “She smiles upon a somber world” really encapsulates the poem for me. I love the idea, the poem and its consequences. I think poems are honest but not always a direct reflection of the reality the author is living. And that is how it should be. Honest, but not necessarily a direct reflection. Thanks for a great poem, a real character, a good story…


    • Thank you Adriana for reading! I enjoyed your reflections very much. The whole idea behind poetry I suppose is to capture a scene and paint it with words. Just like when we’re taking a photograph or doing a water color though, the perspective and the manipulation of reality, though honest to the artist, may be out of kilter as far as reality goes. Something I reflect on at times…


  4. I like her pink mist world which cannot be created over night and let’s face it that takes a special creative ability….also, strength of expression and feeling is more concentrate in a cascade of haiku say than a trite churned out novel which is what is published these days with very few exceptions. An erudite creative audience would be required to appreciate haiku and unfortunately for the pink mist dweller that would be exceptional as well.


    • alas…poetry and especially haiku doesn’t always meet the public’s pleasure….heaven’s I’ve had people ask my why I so often use such a rigid form…which I don’t find rigid at all by the way…it is what it is, but I’m happy that you like her pink mist world. 😉


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