Just a Note – March 3, 2014

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Lake Garda

Lake Garda

What a week!  I passed most of the week preparing a short story, in Italian, for a contest entitled “Voci di Donne” (Women’s Voices) which is part of the month-long set of activities our “comune” has developed over the years for Women’s Day (March 8).  I don’t write in Italian.  I speak the language fairly well and being a reader I have a great vocabulary, but the grammar and, alas spelling are not one of my fortès.

Italian is a phonetic language so it’s written how you pronounce it and it still has the masculine and feminine endings which are supposed to concord with the various adjectives ect. when your writing a sentence.  I really make a mess of it, ’cause I don’t hear the letters especially the doubles properly and damn, if I can put the masculine “table” with its adjective especially as table in Italian can be either masculine or feminine!

Let’s just say, that when speaking the language it’s my accent that betrays me…writing the language is kaos and is just something I’ve given up on.  However, I do have people who are kind enough to translate for me!  Once the piece was translated I ran it past my son…he writes too and knows his Mom pretty well, I didn’t ask him to translate because he’s working on his thesis and is crazy busy.  Then set here with hubby to work out the last kinks.  On Friday I delivered the piece.  I don’t think I have a chance in hell to win anything but I did want to participate.  The piece will be printed in an anthology of all the participants work later during the year.

For the English Conversation course I’m holding, I did a lesson on “sports:   tether ball, croquet and badminton…and ended the lesson with a nod to one of my students who’d requested something about William Blake, and sent  along to my students a book of poetry, in PDF form, entitled Poetical Sketches a prefaced 1868 reprint,  which can be downloaded by the way at the link (in kindle and epub version are available if you prefer)!

The sport’s lesson was boring but the poem I ended the lesson with was much appreciated so we will be talking about William Blake this week!  Here’s the poem I chose to read with my group, as interpreted by Douglas Campbell for  Loreena Mckennitt’s album – Elemental.  The poem is found in the Poetical Sketches by the way, it’s the Prologue to Edward the Fourth.

Of course I tried to keep up my blog work.  That as we all know means producing original material and reading the works of the people we’ve chosen to follow.  I’m not even going to talk about how reading went.  I’ve long ago discovered that I’m following far too many people.  Some I started following when I began blogging a year ago, and perhaps no longer even blog, some I liked a piece but then I wasn’t impressed by later posts…some are very prolific and that is cool…I just can’t keep up with all they write (and I presume that happens to others with me 😉 )!

Rara not too long ago wrote a post about following.  She wonderfully broke it down to how many one can actually really follow profitably…in the sense of being able to read and comment ( I feel like I’m cheating if I don’t comment and just like…which I do so anyway) as well as writing one’s own blog,  the amount would be something like 30 or little more blogs. That is unless you want to try to pass every single hour of the day and then some going through those hundreds of posts you’ve earmarked.  In the end, you’ll never properly follow anyone and of course you won’t post anything yourself!  Then, if you participate in a prompt…you are specifically asked to read other people’s work and possibly comment, a courtesy and a pleasure by the way.  That’s an interesting quandary no?

Last week I wrote 27 posts…plus a few for my photo blog.  That’s because this was a slow week as I had so much to do in real life.  I’ve been know to write much more.

Looking at my stats for a year, (I was trying to find how many posts I average a week, but couldn’t) I’ve discovered that my most viewed post is “Front Page: About Bastet and The Blog…” with 3,686 views…the most viewed posts I have are the photography posts.  This is the first entry of a none-photography post The First Time I Saw- Trifecta Challenge 100 it has 76 views.  I average about 30 or so views for my poetry and short stories…a bit more for the photo posts.

The posts that get most read, are posts that are linked to a prompt…basically because other’s read my stuff because they’re part of the challenge.  The single most viewed and liked private post I’ve written was “Blitz Poem: 21st Century Words ” with 71 views.  Outside of the Weekly Photo Challenge the single most read weekly prompt I follow is Friday Fictioneers, followed by Speakeasy and Trifecta for flash fiction, Ligo Haibun and Haibun Thinking (Haibun Thinking is new) for Haibun and for poetry, until recently We Drink Because We’re Poets, The Poet’s Corner and Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. It’s also interesting to read that this Just a Note is viewed by quite a few readers too!  This is of course just for Bastet’s and Sekhmet’s Library for a year…Pixelventures’  is another blog…the Highest Pixelventures’ read was Photography: Introducing Cathy Ulrich with 83 views…from then on I’ve an average of all time reads of around 30 views.  I’ve only written 27 poems for The Poets Corner.

Recently I’ve seen people going critical because they think WP is cheating them with their stats.  I couldn’t say one way or the other, all I do usually is read my comments.  Stats really don’t mean much to me now, though in the past they did.  It’s something that’s infectious and it can get to a point where you’re looking at your stats every hour on the hour to see how your work is going.  You get stressed and it takes the fun out of what your doing…or so I think.

Yesterday, I read a beautiful tanka with photographs posted on a blog entitled: Wolf Song Blog…the post is entitled ~Reflections~ I really liked it;  the photos were great and I loved the tanka so I commented:

Very beautiful photos and the tanka is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. (not what you’d call a brilliant comment I admit…)

Sheila answered:

Bastet, you made my day when I read your comment! Thank you so much for your sweet words. I enjoy taking a photos and then trying to come up with a Haiku or Tanka or just a few words stating what the scene was about. (still all pretty new to me)

Love your site and your beautiful poetry! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I doubly loved this reply to my silly comment…firstly that’s very often what I do as well and so I feel like I’ve met a kindred spirit and secondly it’s nice to be appreciated!

It’s the many people like Sheila that makes blogging a happy experience…not stats.  It’s about writing,  working on photos or art work and then showing your work.  It’s meeting new people and making contacts with the wonderful people who are being creative like you that makes blogging worthwhile.  I think we shouldn’t lose sight of that.

Hope you all have a great week.  Ciao, Bastet!

8 thoughts on “Just a Note – March 3, 2014

    • Oh and I totally agree with the stats too…I don’t understand half of it anyway but I do love nice comments and connections with bloggers here like you, Georgia. Blessings, Oliana


      • 🙂 I mean I don’t understand anything about them. I know when people from Italy for example view and like..I see them, but then you look at the stats and they tell you no one from Italy passed by…go figure! 🙂


    • Yeah our local administration is very active for Women’s Day and have made it a month long affair..I’m afraid I don’t know what MOI day is.


  1. Impressed by your work as author.. and to write a story for something so big, I’m sure it will be great.
    This with likes and viewers .. a con at times, because you can like a post without even had read it.
    Sometimes it takes less than a minute after something is posted and two likes has happen?????!!!
    Why do people like something they haven’t open or read??? What is the point with it?
    And just to follow other blogs because of following … and never like for one post ????
    I can never get my head around that system neither. Keep up your great job.


    • Well, I think it’s worked into the W.P. system somehow. The likes stuff is something out of Facebook…and people will follow hoping to get exposure, be read and build their stats. Why stats have to be high is beyond me, now that I’m reflecting on the subject logically. Of course it’s nice to be read, but as you say, sometimes you work for hours on a post and it never gets read, or has very little following…I’ve noticed that for example if I write about a subject that isn’t very popular, like war or death…it gets very little following, which in my book just means that my readers read me for the light stuff and aren’t open to things really serious. Thanks for dropping by and reading the Just a Note…


      • I have notice the same that if posting something that is a bit on the heavier side … people don’t want to know. They say they want to escape the reality when blogging .. and don’t want to be reminded of unpleasant things – whatever that means. I had days with over 800 visits – but that doesn’t prove anything. I think the most important thing is that we enjoy writing our posts and that those that like it … write a little comment. I’m not much for stats neither, but it’s a good indicator.


        • lol…I’ve never had a day with 800 visits! Well, I don’t always want to walk the dark side either, but one can’t escape life with its sunshine and its rain. Over the past few years there is an ever more frequent tendency to try to hide from all aspects of life with the mantra “positive thinking”, I’m not surprised that the powers that be abuse their power when no one wishes to see what they’re doing. Of course in the end, we have to look at the world…better if not too late.


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