Senryu – Time

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salted flowers
from a left-over summer
awaiting long gone spring

wasted tears
dreams dry up quickly
leaving withered blooms

tick-tock goes the clock
days pass quickly
soon you’ll be a memory

youth knows not time
days are eternal
the aged count the seconds

precious time passes
leaving only memories
where the living dwell

Written for Prompt #13 The Value of Time – We Drink Because We’re Poets …photo provided by the prompt.

10 thoughts on “Senryu – Time

  1. I was going to check out the prompt tonight. I am working diligently on a midterm this week. School really bites into my ability to sit and write a poem.

    This is profound. There is so much truth in this poem. Not one word is wasted. Each one is so perfectly chosen. The second stanza makes me want to cry. I also really like the structure of the poem.

    I couldn’t find your initials on the photo; but that is a cool clock. (Is it uncool to say cool?)


    • Thanks Rob. The clock is not mine. I took it from Sahm’s prompt. Time..and it’s passing and the value of time is something I’ve become very much aware. Saying cool doesn’t seem to be very uncool, I’ve seen it around quite a bit lately, so I wouldn’t worry. Thanks for your comments which are very encouraging!


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