Toblino Castle – Rispetto Poem

Toblino Castle - Italy

Toblino Castle – Italy

Toblino Castle

Beauty reflected in a lake …
Toblino Castle born in days of yore.
Like a dream yet I’m awake
Oh,  poet’s dream of chivalrous lore …
I walk in days of jets and drones …
Satellites and fancy plastic phones,
Yet, here you stand upon the water
Like an old king’s fancy daughter.

What thought drifts here inside my heart,
Imagining the days of old?
When times were simpler, worlds apart …
When knights curried favor and were bold.
Fairy tales make me believe
In times of song but I’m not naive.
Yes, I remember your sad reality …
For your times were rife with brutality.

Each time has its own bit of beauty,
Each day has its fine illusion.
It’s the job of historians to do their duty,
To keep us far from fancy and delusion.
Look at the past, dream my friend
But know yours are dreams, in the end.
No idyllic ages have there ever been,
Neither now, nor way back when.

Written for Harry’s Challenge – Ripetto Poem on Poet’s Corner.

This is a fairly easy straight forward form:

A Rispetto is an Italian form which is a complete poem of two rhyming quatrains, abab ccdd.

I’d actually have written three poems if I’d been strictly following instructions 😉

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