Friends in Time – Free Verse


time for me is such a mystery
it’s dawnright now but night in the West,
then now my friend down in the South
you’re half-way through “my day” right now
and there you type almost into tomorrow
as the clock that ticks inside my house
knowing nothing of EST or GMT
so sitting here in this very moment
I chat with you both from my computer
dear friends in Canada and Australia
it boggles my mind…there you are chatting
from your snowy or heat stricken world
as you visit with me at dawn in Italy!
Dedicated to: Traces of Soul and Morphethroad


16 thoughts on “Friends in Time – Free Verse

  1. You warm my heart and made me smile 😀 Glad I check before turning in. I have an early star am and finish at 5…so I have a lovely evening ahead…yay…normal evening! It is exactly 01:40 am. right now. Have a great day, ciao, Bella.xx


    • Thanks Ollie…it’s just too cool to sit here at dawn and read you, knowing your still in last night! Glad you’ve got a normal eving! Have a great wake-up! 😀


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