Friday Fictioneers – 7 March 2014 – Eternity a Free Verse

Copyright – Danny Bowman

Copyright – Danny Bowman


The bird flew
and sharpened his beak
on a mountain
for over a billion years,
until the mountain,
was nearly completely consumed.
He wondered where he would go,
once the mountain was no more …
Would the world end?
Would the universe implode?
Time passed and still,
there was a tiny mound …
So, yet he continued
Though he was afraid …
His life-style he could not change.
So like some humans
that we all know,
who would continue in their ways …
Though life may end
on some dark day
when the means of their prosperity,
has been consumed,
leaving nothing
but dust.

27 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – 7 March 2014 – Eternity a Free Verse

  1. Perfect. You said it beautifully. We poison our air, water, food, and the earth it self…we will not stop until we have destroyed ourselves. At least then, once we are gone, the earth can heal.


    • Ah yes…this was a poem that wrote itself once I saw the photo! It did so remind me of Gaiman’s fable about the bird who sharpened his beak every 1000 years…then once I wrote the first lines, the rest followed and there they were, exactly 100 words!


  2. Very well-expressed, Georgia! I hope there are enough of us working for the good of the planet, although there isn’t universal agreement on what that is, that we can make gains in the right direction.



    • Yes, one of the problems is universal consensus…but still if we only did half of what we say we believe maybe the world would be better…who knows! georgia.


  3. I loved the Neil Gaiman quote you linked to! It put some useful background to your story, though yours is, of course, not under the same umbrella of humor. It does make you think though…people go through life doing what they do, and often not thinking beyond just that. A routine that becomes so ingrained that you can’t change—even when you feel like you should.


    • I remembered the bird and went in search of the story…I think that Terry Prachett also used the story of the bird in one of his stories. It struck me at the time of writing the poem that the bird just keeps wearing down the mountain…and then the rest came by itself. Of course Neil Gaiman’s story is a lot funnier…glad you liked both! 😉


  4. Well done. I hope there’s a happy ending to men’s concern for the earth. Some people just don’t care enough. Trouble is, they’re going to suffer in future right along with the rest of us but they don’t seem to think about that.


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