Spring Haibun – March 9, 2014



Months of cold…dark days that seemed to run one into another, depressing.  Walking along the lake and into the woods, brought some surcease to the drab long days, even if the world seemed to be reduced to somber grey or the dark green of pines and spruces.

Then spring began to awaken.  The first blossoms began to show their heads, the snow drops at first, followed by tiny violets.  Finally the first daisies and daffodils sprouted.  Spring at last had pushed dull winter aside!

life marches on
spring timidly approaches
leaving dark behind


This post was written for Ligo haibun using the word prompt; Blossom.

6 thoughts on “Spring Haibun – March 9, 2014

  1. I just took a walk in the nearby Botanic Gardens. Somehow, overnight, the snowdrops have given way to hillsides covered with blue and yellow crocus. And the daffodils are just about to pop. I had my doubts, but apparently spring comes even to Scotland!


    • Ah…great to hear that…isn’t it cool how things just start popping…now if it will come to the rest of the northern hemisphere lots of people will be happier!


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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