Just a Note – March 11, 2014

Hello World!

copy-banner1Today life has just gotten a little more complicated.  If you read We Drink Because We’re Poets, you’ll see that Sahm has decided to take a open-ended sabbatical.  The blog will continue though actually Sahm is the blog under very many aspects.  Eventually someone might be enlisted to take up the poetry prompts for him.

In the meantime, Lilith has written a prompt on March 5th but in future I may be doing this prompt as well. So there might be some re-organization in the days the prompts come out…

The blog is not really doing very well at the moment. There are still actually very many loyal readers and that makes me wish to continued with Pixelventures at least for the present.  In the meantime, in hopes to keep my favorite pub alive, I’ve decided to put up the prompts.  Today, I did Pixelventures and the Poetry Prompt…both dedicated to mood.

I can’t really say if the blog will continue or if it does if it will continue with me.  In short, we could be looking towards the close of an age…short as one year can be 😉

Your support would be greatly appreciated.  If you write poetry, flash fiction or power shorts and of course if you take photographs, I would be so very happy to see you participate and try to keep this blog alive.  I’m adding an Inlinkz app to the prompts in order to keep track of the participants, and besides I like those little helpers!

Send me your feedback as to what you think can be done to keep the blog alive!

Thanks and ciao!  Bastet

24 thoughts on “Just a Note – March 11, 2014

  1. That’s too bad about Sahm, but it sounds like he’s getting a good little break for himself and his. I’ve participated and hope it encourages a few others! 🙂


  2. change is uncomfortable and endings are too sad – it’s Spring, do hope that some sap can rise here and rejuventate you all. As you know, I’d be lost wihout Pixelventure’s prompts.


    • Feel the same…here spring has come at last and so the depressed burnt out has passed…hopefully it’ll infect others…in the meanwhile, I’m going to give it the old college try!


    • Thanks commenting…it is a great site and Sahm put a lot of work into it to make it what that way. We know how hard it is to contribute regularly…the note is just to inform people of the changes going on.


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