Looking for a Knight – Free Verse

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“A knight in shining armor!”
is what I asked for in the ad
“must be handsome and bold, for sure,
but not just a pretty face.
He’ll have to have a lance,
a special sword of gold …
but most of all he’ll need
good humor a hundred fold!

We’re looking for a knight,
to take on the depressing monster …
who’s been lurking, creating havoc,
where ever he’s shown his face!
This can’t be then just any knight,
something special there must be,
a sunny disposition, a warm smile,
a heart of gold …
to shoo away dark winter’s night.

If you care then to apply today
we’ll look at your application,
the reward will be a thousand fold,
made of smiles and glorifications …
just send to us your photo,
a poem or a song …
we’ll get straight back to you
signed – humankind.”


Written for Last Autumn’s Acorns by Blog it or Lose it. I think we need to look into finding that special knight in shining armor…before the depression monster gets any stronger! 😉

6 thoughts on “Looking for a Knight – Free Verse

    • sounds that you might be the knight for us! Alas…it is the depression monster with his terrible draconian qualities which requires a strong counterpoint… 😉


        • Too true…unfortunately, I see you’ve taken this little poem and my banter seriously…it was written for a dear friend who is having the winter blues, and can’t wait for spring, I see you didn’t go visit the link. My personal depression monster has long been defeated by my personal knight in shining armor and needs no assistence. Thanks for applying anyway.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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