Criticism in Witticism : All in a Word


Criticism in Witticism –  Didactic Poem

I’m part of the majority
who loves not your snarky way
of criticizing everyone
forever and a day …
criticism may be good
to help one to betterment
but witticism my dear friend
works wonders for the soul …

there are so many ways to say
“you’ve mess-up from where I stand”
but humility should be a part
in your remark
if you could only understand …
a critic is a person
who often feels so grand
pulling down someone’s ego
thus building up his own …
it’s sad that sometimes what they say
could really help you out
but when you know their motive’s
snarky … there’s no profit to be had.

learn to use good humor
learn to use humility
learn to love the other
and use a little care.
I’ll take your criticism then
for I’ll know there’s no mistake
you’re saying that for my own good
and not for your own sake.

Written for All in a Word

17 thoughts on “Criticism in Witticism : All in a Word

  1. As a writer, one of the things I find so amazing is the difference between critics and criticism. There are so many people ready to be the former, often without bothering for justification. But the ones who take the time to do the latter — providing reasoned and constructive comments — are saints indeed. To my surprise, although I obsess over the nit-pickers and small-minded critics, they are far outnumbered and their effect completely overwhelmed by the numbers of generous, thoughtful providers of actual criticism.


    • I do have to agree…it can be difficult sometimes, but I’ve never had the problem here on WP. I think we all obcess over nit-pickers and small-minded critics and the poem talks to them. Thanks for your great comment, as always a pleasure to read!


  2. Well said as usual my dear and even in your message there is lightness as you always have a knack of adding your own wit which is one thing I love about your writing, Georgia. I do agree with many comments here as well. I was scared silly the first times I saw comments on my blog…but was quick to see that the majority in this community, no matter how brilliant they write, have always been so generous and kind. I may get a suggestion that I totally value but the respect here is lovely. Not like so many other social networks. Not saying it does not exist here but I will shy away from conflict 99.9% of the time.


    • What you say is so true. I have found that most of the time people are not only repectful, but usually shy about creating conflict….but then, I suppose it has to do with whom your being read by. Some people haven’t been so lucky, which I find interesting too.


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