12 thoughts on “Compostela – Agape: Total love

  1. S’agapo γυναίκα moo
    The heart meanders like the seasons,
    returning from each flight,
    from hot to cold then,
    back to burning summer once more

    fear not the storms battering the shore
    the beach and tides remain ever more


    • lovely poetry!

      walking along the path
      no man know his destination
      yet each road is worthy
      of lovng contemplation
      no season is without beauty
      though the storms may invite fear
      yet life goes on eternally
      loving without judging.


    • sing song comments
      by willows and clouds
      yet the watery grass
      is full of grounded life
      ah the pride of those
      who do not know the joys
      of the humble

      I’m going to come dropping by today. Sorry but at the mo’ I’ve got to get off my computer to prepare breakfast. What a wonderful meeting. I appreciated your lovely verses, thanks very much!


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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