Kenning Trials – dVerse


The werewolf-moon
shone bright that night
and quickened therefore
her blood
with romantic thoughts
of sexy-rides
with her lover and yet more …
The crystal-light
lit up the night
lit up her soul and more …
there in the land
of moon-tales told
are stories
of love and horror too …
when did the moon
become love-bane
when did we change
our love to fear?
For we’ve always seen
love-moon’s full bliss
as a call
to wolfish-men.
Out came the werewolf-moon
that night
and then the transformation …
for  mild-mannered
loving creature
a ravishing love-machine.
Oh fancy that
myths always spoke
of this strange metamorphosis …
from ancient Greece
to London-wolves
lycanthropy’s been known …
ancient warrior-rites
changed into
in the middle ages
ah, magic-moon
the tales you’ve weaved
mixed up
with love-tales
and still we speak
of the same haunty moon.

For Kennings – dVerse – a first trial to be continued at a later date, I hope.

12 thoughts on “Kenning Trials – dVerse

  1. I like how smoothly the verses flowed together. If you hadn’t mentioned that you were trying kennings for the first time, I’d have never known the difference. Way to reclaim the lover’s full moon from the wolves and demons.


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