The Marriage Question – Free Verse

filled her moral-mind
with strange virtuosity …
though gay-inclined
she thought
her life-mate should be male
left she then her
to explore man-kind …
married then she – a he….
though for twenty years
her life-mate had been a she …
funny …
I’ve known married-maids
who’ve thought
t’would be better
to be gay-inclined
than pass another
day intwined
inside choking-vines
of male “normal-nuptual”
bliss (?) …
could we not say
that the problem mightn’t lay
in being gay or not …
but rather I fear,
’tis the marriage-road
that she took twice
which made her feel prison-bound!
I fear, that she
might never feel
at peace
gay or not
for she’s not free with-in herself.

in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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