Why Write – Free Verse

my Porlock-lover
frowns and mutters
each time he sees me
making love
with my muse …
the words that flow
like honey-sweet sap
across my lap…top
turn him green-eyed …
though he doesn’t
that it’s jealousy
that prompts his
he insists that the problem is
my obsession ..
why write
he … says
vicarious are the sensations
of poetry
and prose
just think,
no one will even know
who you are
once your blog is gone…
all true, still
though he could be right…
does it matter?
do I write for fame, fortune or glory?
why write, or better
why blog?
well surely,
I’m not looking for a reader!
of one thing
there is no doubt
my passion
or obsession
keeps me writing-bound.
and you,
who read this verse
give my muse the wings
he needs
to keep me writing on!

12 thoughts on “Why Write – Free Verse

in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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