Carpe Diem Special #83, The Way of St. James (part 9)

united body – soul
walking along the pathway
blessed satori

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Paulo succeeds in his task to climb the waterfall just like Petrus, but he had to fought against his thoughts to let go … He describes it as follows:

[…] “I fought with all my strength to keep my hands and feet anchored to their holds, but the

noise of the water seemed to take me to another place. It was a mysterious and distant place where nothing that was happening at that moment was at all important, and it was a place that I could get to if I had the strength. In that place, there would no longer be any need for the superhuman effort it took to keep my hands and feet holding to the rock; there would be only rest and peace. But my hands and feet did not obey this impulse to surrender. They had resisted a mortal temptation. And my head began to emerge from the stream as gradually as it had entered it. I was overcome by a profound love for my body. It was there, helping me in this crazy adventure of climbing through a waterfall in search of a sword. When my head came completely through the surface,

I saw the bright sun above me and took a deep breath.”[…]

Paulo had to overcome his Self … and isn’t that the goal of every pilgrimage?”

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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