Samuel, whatever happened when… (Fun Poem)

Each time I read this tale my friend
I can’t help wondering what happened when,
once inspired to write these images,
having been interrupted,
your memory went into a blank!

Oh Bastet, what can I say
it was such a glorious day…
Though ill I had this awesome image
and it was more than 300 lines!
Yet that idiot from Porlock came
to sell some encyclopedias just then …
My muse shouted; “Go away!”
but I felt it would be just too rude …
I indulged him for just half an hour …
before sending him on his way.
I returned then to my pen and ink
I re-read what I had just written. …

Alas, my muse offended,
refused to answer then my call,
no words nor phrases came again that day
nor did I find those words again,
to tell the tale of Xanadu …
Of the ice caves not a line nor rhyme,
my poem was gone
never to return to me.
From that time to now I’ll tell you this,
no longer do I interrupt my writing bliss
I ignore anyone who knocks
upon my door …
and I hate Porlock town!


Written for Poetry Promt 3, We drink Because We’re Poets

14 thoughts on “Samuel, whatever happened when… (Fun Poem)

  1. Wow, I don’t know which I loved better, the poem, or the narrator’s rendition of it – that’s truly awesome, Bastet, and your response is hilarious and light hearted fun! Leaves me chuckling all the way to youtube for some more of that delicious voice!


  2. He is delicious, easy on they eyes and he’s a fantastic modern Sherlock Holmes too. I’m glad you liked the poem as well…I should perhaps added a note to explain the Porlock person though…not everyone knows the story behind Coleridges’ misadventure of the poem Kublai Khan :-/


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      • His voice is what attracted me to him initially, believe it or not. I was bored, in a bad mood, and surfing the TV. I was going through the channels and vetoing every one of them so quickly that I scrolled right past Public Television without seeing what was going on … but I HEARD THAT VOICE!!! Quickly! Quickly! I scrolled back hoping to catch the owner of that MAGNIFICENT voice before he was gone … and it was B.C. as Sherlock. And then they showed Martin Freeman. And I was hooked on both Benedict AND Sherlock from that moment on.


        • Wow…talk about carpe diem! This is so cool. I actually saw Sherlock via my son before I became interested in the acting talents of B.C. but he’s great and as versatile as Johnny Depp, whom I also enjoy.


          • Omigoodness … I love just about anything with Johnny Depp in it! The man is so incredibly versatile. Most importantly, though, I credit his performance in Pirates of the Caribbean for giving me the sense of humor to survive the ugliest parts of my cancer treatment.


          • Ah…didn’t know you’d been ill! Well, must say that Johnny Depp makes my day and I discovered him through Pirates of the Caribbean…late as always in these things…then I went to see what else he’d done…fantastic!


          • Same here… People hated Lone Ranger but I lived Depp as Tonto. Plus, being an amputee, I loved Helena Bonham Carter’s leg, lol! As to my cancer … One more year and I’ll have 5 years without recurrence… Fingers crossed! 😀


          • Fingers crossed…we’re getting into that one now with my hubby…and hoping for the best. I never saw the Lone Ranger…didn’t know it existed, will have to go look that one up.


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