Nowhere I want to be… (Free Verse)


Trudging down a road
crunching on the gravel
one foot before another
going I know not where …

I’m concentrating now
in going nowhere at all
just trudging down a road
with no goal inside my mind …

If I should arrive somewhere
it would be just by accident
a wayward turn might take me there
or maybe somewhere else …

Today’s a weary day, I think
I’ve no place I want to be
no words I want to write
no faces I wish to see …

So, I’ll go trudging down a road
wandering inside my world
there, listening to the sound
of gravel crunching underfoot.


I’ve written this as an exercise to stimulate my muse but trying to write for dVerse – Meeting the Bar ~ Rhythm and Blank Verse

10 thoughts on “Nowhere I want to be… (Free Verse)

  1. Days like that are so hard to deal with, aren’t they? You’ve captured something of the bleak emptiness of a life where there are no self-determined goals to meet, no achievements to strive for, no apparent point to anything, where all there is to do is to carry on trudging and listening to the sound of our own footsteps.


    • yes, they’re hard to deal with…that blank feeling is as you say bleak…cool though that the prompt helped write at least something! Thanks for your fine comment.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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