Mollusk Maiden – Mindlovemisery Menagerie Photo Prompt

Mollusk Maiden – Multiple Tanka

© Tomoki Hayasaka

© Tomoki Hayasaka

Yo,  Mollusk Maiden
sitting in that dark gutter
what’cha gotta say
’bout your mollusk lover man
now he’s played around again

no wonder you’re off …
go get yourself some sunshine
can’t be much that man
slithering all around, I know
he’s been such an evil man

been such a cheater
but still you stay close to him
he must be special
’cause you keep forgiving him
he … only a mollusk man …

and she said

he’s my man you know
no matter what people say
he’s not true that’s sure
but he love’s me anyhow
he’s sweet and kind, not cruel

that’s his real problem
can’t say no to no one
doesn’t want to hurt
so he spends his love around
to any that happens by

but I know he’s mine
he loves me and he needs me
I understand him
he always comes back to me
’cause I’m his Mollusk Maiden

(why’s he so special
tell you in a word my friend
he’s a hot lover
and you can’t find one better
I forgive then off to bed)


Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Prompt

12 thoughts on “Mollusk Maiden – Mindlovemisery Menagerie Photo Prompt

    • LOL…Thanks for the interesting comment…it was the strange photo that brought out a certain aggressivness I think…but I don’t know why you’d feel it in your face…


    • in-your-face is a new phrase for me…never heard it before and now I’ve seen it twice for one poem! The photo prompt was very particular and difficult to get my mind around…so I let Mr. Muse do his worse 🙂


    • Well…it was not an easy photo for me either…the poem came out that way thanks to my muse, not my style at all, but it was a fun write. 🙂 hugs!


  1. She reached out to transfer the spark of life into his new and lovely body. The Mother had created one more of Earth’s creatures and She was pleased. She had though him into being, as She had thought every other living creature into existence. Once the spark had been given She allowed him to go on his way, not alone but with the mate She had created the day before. “Prosper my lovelies,” she whispered, as She watched them crawl away. “Be sure to stay away from humans, if you wish to live.” They turned, waved their antennas’ at their Mother, so that She would know that Her words had been heard. The Great Mother smiled and began to draw something new in her mind. “What shall I make next,” She said, to no one in particular. And then She sat and began again.


    • mother nature’s loves
      all of creation but knows
      beware of humans!

      Thanks your story comment … I liked it very much so added the haiku to make a haibun. Have a lovely day!


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