Pear Rounded Me! (A Riddle Story) – Tale Weaver’s Prompt #2

Painting by: Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Painting by: Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Everyone loves me, I’m one of your favorite typical tropical imports.  Some will tell you that I can help you digest, cure your cancer and revitalize your body … wouldn’t really know about that though.   Most people enjoy me because they love my pulpy sweetness!

I’m very big in my native lands…whether that be Africa, Mexico or Central America and even Australia – and in India the country that grows most of my fruit! It seems though that in the U.S.A. they only know me as an American fruit.

My roundish pear shape is so exciting,  my green skin turns reddish orange…if you let me mature.  Some people, seeing me cleaved in two, think my center is rather vulgar or is that vulva … some people comparing me to “a ladies private parts”…my tiny black seeds nestle in my pulpy red fruit, just might give you that impression 😉 .

My trees are quite particular too … masculine and feminine my biographer here learnt whilst living in Chad.  They begin quite small of course, but then they grow into great trees…the feminine have lovely white flowers.

People love me at the end of meals…or for breakfast.  Some cut out my fruit and add bananas, sugar and lemon and make a fruit salad with me. I’ve heard people making ice-cream with me and the Italians make granita!  But, I’m also good in savory dishes, the Indians make a mean chutney with me but then,  there are literaly hundreds of recipes for you to try with me.

Have you guessed who I am yet?

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Tale Weaver’s Prompt #2


24 thoughts on “Pear Rounded Me! (A Riddle Story) – Tale Weaver’s Prompt #2

    • Ouch…never gone for that sort of pear…and we’ve got so many varieties here it’s kind of a shame…but I only like Williams pears…but my story isn’t about pears you know 😉


  1. Oh, this is very clever. I must admit I am yet to decipher which fruit is it, but as soon as I do I am returning! I was not expecting the task of discovering to be this hard 😀
    I loved the way you described everything, it felt like the fruit is on a stage with a microphone!


    • lol…if you look at the links, you’ll find the answer…unless you want to keep pondering 🙂 I found the same problem with riddles a while back…I’m just not good at figuring them out.


  2. I am confused. If a guess has to be made, I’d say it is watermelon because of the black seeds and red flesh and also I think I have heard of granita being made of it.
    What an amusing write! Enjoyable and it made a great read. 🙂


      • I know I am spamming your comments section but I can’t help it because I am once again confused. Now that I think of it, it must be either papaya or mango. But mangoes do not have red flesh. Papayas, then? But do they grow on trees? I don’t know.


        • Yes…it’s papaya! The flesh is either red or orange. The skin is orange and they grow on trees! Bravo..and that’s not called spamming by the way, totally different thing! Glad you enjoyed yourself!


          • lol…This was such a fun prompt, I’m terrible with riddles, and maybe you didn’t notice but there are some links that give more infoe about that fruit…and aren’t you happy I’m not Gollum 😉


      • I do remember a Persian fable…about trees and watermelon…a child ask says it’s a shame that nuts grow on trees and are so hard to get, that perhaps it would be beter if they grew on the ground, and the father replies…imagine what would happen if watermelons grew on trees. It’s not a llitchi either 😉


  3. Amazing painting ….. there is so many details .. and the more I looked the more I found.
    Excellent – your storyline is just brilliant. But I don’t think any fruit is on its own will cure cancer. I know, you didn’t claim doing that. *SMILE
    I would guess that you’re a Papaya – my favorite fruit.


    • Yes my dear Viveka it is the Papaya…and as the story says…”wouldn’t really know about that though” … people have a tendancy to exaggerate with their ideas about fruit, green tea and lmega 3 (4,5,10…whatever 🙂 ) Thanks for stopping by and playing!


      • Whatever people believe in .. is good enough for me, it’s their choice – I know that blueberries is good to keep our cells healthy – but it will not cure the cancer.
        But as you know .. I know what tough treatments is needed to cure cancer, no fruit or tea will do that on its own.


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