Black and Yellow Feather Dreams

01_vurt_final-1024x640Black and Yellow Feather Dreams

I found the feather upon my bedside table one morning, and was fascinated by the exquisite combination of yellow swirled with black high lights.

“Did you leave a feather for me before you left this morning?” I asked David over the phone a few hours later?

“Feather, what feather…no, I didn’t leave anything for you this morning.” he replied.  In point of fact he was very accurate, not even an interesting memory.  We finished our conversation and I picked up the feather again.

‘Could make an interesting pen,’ I thought to myself  ‘just put in a refill…” which is precisely what I did.  I have a fantastic collection of half chewed-up pens…I can’t seem to go without gnawing on a pen when I’m thinking as I write.  I was thinking that I probably I wouldn’t chew on a feather, so a pen feather might be just the thing for writing my poetry without ruining my teeth!

That afternoon, I sat down for my two-hour session of poetry. I put the pen to the paper and then realized I didn’t have anything to write.  That sometimes happens, well it usually does, until I start chewing my pen and staring out the window.  I put the feather in my mouth and sucked it.

And as the winds of time blew wild
The demon of the deep did howl
Leaving Penelope to wring her hands
Thinking of his untimely death!

“Go back, oh creature of the night,
Leave off my life, go on your way,
For I am Penelope of the sky
No demon may walk near my path!”

I looked at the words that seemed to have written themselves.  To say I was perplexed is a mere understatement.  I was surprised, confused and completely lost.  I write simple little verse all light and honey…wherever did this stuff come from?  As I read the two stanza I sucked on my pen, and then started writing again.

And her god-head of life met his gaze
The demon of the lowly deep shuddered
And then an enchantment she uttered
Be gone foul beast, leave me now!

The demon howled yet again:
“I have your man within my powers
And if you suck that mixed yellow pen
The black will fill you ever more.

You feel your haunty majesty
You taunt me in your wicked rhymes
Yet know I’ve chosen to take you on,
My powers you’ll feel well-nigh!”

‘How extraordinary!’ I thought, ‘My muse has even incorporated this pen into my poem!’

I felt my head spin and a little nauseated too.  ‘I think this pen is making me sick though.’ I said to myself.  I got up and went to rinse out my mouth.  I spat out the yellow and black dye that had come off of the feather and thought I’d better go out for a walk to clear my head.

I never used the feather pen again, and so the poem remained unfinished.

Written for: Tale Weaver’s Prompt #3 “Vurt” – Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie prompt.

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