12 thoughts on “Mother Nature’s Joke – Fun Poem

    • Well, actually at the moment I have no specific symptoms…eventually I’ll probably become hypo-thyroidic (?) and will have to take hormones to compensate the thyroid’s function. I just found out yesterday, and frankly when I heard the name of the syndrome it made me laugh…I guess I just have a strange sense of humor 🙂 Thanks for your concern.


      • Good to catch it so early. I have Graves which is also autoimmune but the opposite, hyper. it is controlled though. the immune system flairs up with stress, poisons, environmental toxins. Be good to yourself, that is the lesson for today! (and the rest of your life)


        • I wish what you say were true…the docter says it’s just a waiting game…then it’ll go hypothyroid. I’m going to look into the syndrome to see if something can’t be done to at least slow down the process. Thanks for sharing with me your expierience.


  1. Does that make us twins? haha…I was actually relieved with a diagnosis…there is hormone replacement and everything is just fine. Many women have this past 50 but I am so amazed at my work the young people who have this in their late teens. For a year they were scratching their heads…Graves was the first diagnosis and a year later it switched. I wish we knew more natural ways to treat this at the beginning stages…you’re smart, kiddo. If you have an osteopath or naturapathic doctor you could get some advice too. Take care of yourself.


    • I have noticed we have really a lot in common, it’s amazing! Thanks for your feedback and comment here…I’ll be looking into this as soon as thing calm down a little. Anyway doesn’t seem that it’ll disappear overnight so I’ve time to look at it! 🙂


      • I was up and down a few years before this finally turned to Hypo…I was hyper for about 3 or 4 years…lots so much weight….the Hypo plus age makes it challenge since I love to eat ALL the time…:D


        • Don’t I know..for the last year I’ve just been piling on the pound and this moment isn’t helping much…food is one of the seeming more innocent pleasures of life…until you can’t metabolize the food as you should. Oh well, once Franz (my son is here to hold our hand through this difficult moment) goes home to Padova I’ll find it easier to regulate what I eat…otherwise I’ll also have a diabetes problem! Thanks again for the info. Makes one feel less alone.


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