The Trip – April 11, 2014 . NaPoWriMo 2014

Sunny day
April at it’s best
Traveling great
Traffic slow
Until I hit the city
Trento was chaos!

Wrong turning
Far from destination
Lost in space
Lost in time
On the new high-speed by-pass
Entering Trento!

Navigator …
My son, said: “Calm down!”
Cold sweat dropped
Down my brow
I felt the traffic pressing
Dodging all around!

Ah…our turn
Finally, inside the town,
We found signs …
They guide us!
“Is this the right round-about?”
Hospital sharp right.

Shadorma written for NaPoWriMo 2014


6 thoughts on “The Trip – April 11, 2014 . NaPoWriMo 2014

    • LOL…and I’m in the North of Italy! Actually, when I learnt to drive round abouts became the thing throughout Europe, so I’ve never had much problems with them…and yes, we do have a lot of suggested stops 🙂 but we also have rules of yielding etc which tells us who has the right of way. Problem for me are the fast moving roads where you’ve got people zig-zagging all over the place..that makes me sweat cold!


      • We drive crazy in Montreal…and even Montrealers say it is wild in Italy:) but for the rest of Canada when they don’t come to a complete stop, they call it a Quebec stop. Funny here in Quebec we call is Un Stop Américain. haha..


        • LOL…I think that Montreal and indeed Quebec is probably more European than the rest of Canada…and both more European than the USA! One of the reasons I’ve always said that if I ever decide to return to North America, I’d live in Canada.


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