Just a Note – in Photos (Sunday Walk)

Hello Folks…I’ve been doing a lot of time away from home and computer…here are just a couple of photos…the main part of which have been taken by my son as we drive to Trent’s hospital.  We’ll be leaving in just a bit … again, so I’m leaving you with a Sunday ride through the vineyards.

Down the road
through the vineyards
beautiful sunshine
villages nestled in the hills
then the city streets
until we arrive
at our destination …
our daily drive
to Trento.

Have a great Sunday!

17 thoughts on “Just a Note – in Photos (Sunday Walk)

  1. I hope that things are okay with your husband … and hopeful back home for the weekend. Beautiful gallery, like the wine yards images … I think every big hospital today has a helipad – but this wasn’t very discrete.


    • Everything is going very well and better than expected. He won’t be home for a couple of weeks, but that was in the cards…It is a very bit hospital and your right even som of the smaller hospitals have helipads, even Arco, but this one was reminded me of some sort of star ship 😉 Glad you liked the vineyards…Trentino produces some of the best wines…both white and red.


      • Had a German fiance once and he was an expert on Italian wines and he preferred wines form Trentino.
        So I had a couple of glasses of their wines – truly beautiful.
        Glad that everything went so well for your husband, great news – and he are in good hands where he is.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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