Stairway to… Wordle Prompt


Stairway to… (Fun Poem)

Hark! Now hear my warning
All you souls upon life’s avenue,
Beware of the dark unseen furrow
From which arises hell’s hot steam
Disjointed is the stairwell:
Two choices you have,
The one seems so sturdy
Made of bright aluminum  
Up from the well,
Is a melodious opera …
But be not taken in,
By the lyrical bellowing,
It’s a salivating demon,
A tenor, from hades!
Know that the stairway to peace,
Is in finely worked filigree,
Made of white ivory,
So fragile it seems …
The music coming from this stairwell,
Similar to caterwauling to some…
Are vibrant violins and cellos,
Play an exciting crescendo
Of arpeggios
No harp strings at all!
So if you’re in pursuit
Of a new home for your soul,
I’d advise you to choose
Vivaldi to Wagner,
And take
The more delicate
staircase of ivory,
For that is my friend,
The stairway to heaven.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle Monday Prompt

16 thoughts on “Stairway to… Wordle Prompt

  1. Great write! I rarely appriciate the preaching tone when I read, but you worded it out nicely and eloquently, and in a way that when you read, it imprints as something important, kinda like “words from the wise”, whilst similar poem, for me, tend to have a lot of just thrown words around to resemble a message, a knowledge to lead. This is why I always say that it is important and recommended for one not to be afraid to weave personal threads into a poetry/prose piece.


    • Thanks so much Oloriel…I hadn’t intended it to be a preaching poem…just a sort of d&d indication of how to choose a path…and heaven and hell came out, but then myths are myths and they were as good as any. Loved your articulated comment!


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