Waiting for Spring (Speakeasy #157) – NaPoWriMo –

Leonardo da Vinci's Womb

Leonardo da Vinci’s Womb

Waiting for Spring –  Free Verse

Winter seemed reluctant to release its hold.
As yet again the world was wrapped in cold.
The day had seemed so sunny and bright
Just a little too hot to really seem right…
When in the morn I rose from my bed
My feet were cold and snow inside my head.

I looked outside my iced window pane
And what I saw brought about such pain
Upon the ground was three inches of snow
And off to work in my car that day I had to go
“What is it with the weather this year
It seems that Spring just can’t get into gear?”

I thought that I wanted to go live in the tropics
Just to change those weather-worn topics
Like the British we now were fixed on the weather
But then how can it be different when winter
Refused to leave its neferious hold
And dropped snow on us in Spring and was icy cold.

Thus was our fate that last freezing year
As we waited for summer to grow near
But spring never came … we passed it right by
And went from the cold to temperatures high
Lament as we would, there was nothing to say
All we could do was cheer for a warm summer’s day.

The summer lasted but for a week
And then the sky began to leak
Drops of rain came tumbling down
And I laughed like the opera’s clown
The autumn was there but it was June
I think we all thought we should change our tune.

Climate change was seen as just hew-haw
And convinced we were we could go on
Just consuming and polluting as we saw fit
Until Mother Nature said she would quit
Cleaning up after those messy kids
The great human experiment – thus lost its bid.

napo2014button1NaPoWriMo 2014

Speakeasy Prompt Please visit the post by clicking the link to get full details about prompt and rules…It’s a fun pub my friends!


23 thoughts on “Waiting for Spring (Speakeasy #157) – NaPoWriMo –

    • I was inspired by Courtney’s banter about the crazy weather she’s been having in Iowa…and that’s were I started…then the poem didn’t seem done yet, as far as my muse was concerned, so it just kept growing…I am so happy you enjoyed it!


  1. It doesn’t seem right that winter encroaches on spring (especially for those places that get a lot of snow already.) I like how you turned this from just the oddities of a single winter, to bigger changes brought on by our own carelessness.


    • Wel, as I said in another comment, I was thinking of the encroaching ice-age of times gone by, but the poem took its own direction…in reality over my lifetime I’ve seen winters becoming longer and often there’s little or no spring. I also know though that climate change is a complicated subject which doesn’t always take the obvious twist we’d expect…but our carelessness is something we really should have started taking care of a long time ago…guess it isn’t easy to change habits which are millennia old…we’ve always considered ourselves to be the center of existence on this planet which has infinite resources, hard to change that attitude in a few years.


  2. Love the sing song feel of this which started lightly and then took upon its shoulder to relay a much graver message-global warming is here to stay and still we humans are continuing to litter the Earth-no wonder Mother Nature has decided not to clean up after us Georgia!A fabulous take on the prompt ,loved it:-)


    • Hello..not just the UK in fact. I have contacts not only in Europe but in Asia and North Amerca…the weather is getting stranger…the inspiration was actually from a comment on the weather in Iowa from the prompt.


    • Thanks…yes it is difficult to understand, unless one realizes that we are so used to thinking that we’re the center of creation and everything is about us…


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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