Haiku – Shakuhachi

One note of the shakuhachi
resounds endlessly
piercing the winter clouds

(c) Soen Nakagawa

Kristjaan writes: “Today I love to share our third haiku written by our featured haiku-poet Soen Nakagawa (1907-1984). He wrote this haiku in the winter of 1938 … I think it’s a great one full of Zen as the most haiku written by him.
In this haiku he mentions the Shakuhachi, a Japanese end-blown flute. The Shakuhachi originated from ancient China and was brought to Japan in the early Edo-period. It was made from bamboo and is used in the Suizen or Zen-Buddhistic blowing meditation.

The goal of this Special feature is to write a haiku in the same tune, sense and spirit as the one given. For this episode I have chosen the next haiku by Soen Nakagawa for your inspiration.”

haunting shakuhachi
reverberates in the soul
harmonizing spring rains
(c) g.s.k.


Carpe Diem Special #87, Soen Nakagawa’s “One note of the Shakuhachi”

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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