Meeting Hera – At the Akashic Library

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was sitting in the park near the gazebo at the Akashic Library the other day waiting for Bastet.  In a distance I saw Hera storming up the causeway with her friend Titania not far behind.

“There she is!” I heard Titania say.

“So! You’re trying to come over on my spouse, mortal!” she spit the last word out as though being mortal was some sort of original sin.

“What? Are you sure you’ve got the right person?” I asked perplexed.

“Don’t you sit there pretending to be little miss innocent.” Titania added her two cents worth,  “I know this winter you were trying to come on to Oberon!”

“Well, actually no, he was trying to seduce me to get a shot with Sekhmet.  Found her feisty he did!”

“How dare you!” said Titania and then flounced off, I’d obviously insulted her.

“This is neither here nor there…” Hera said “I saw Zeus sitting right here with you yesterday!”

“Well, you must be mistaken, I was sitting with Socrates actually.  And nobody can believe that Socrates is Zeus.  Besides, though he is brilliant, he’s not what you’d call sexy.”

“Zeus is renowned for being sexy! Besides he dosen’t have to be, I mean he’s a god!” Hera howled.

“Uhm, I was referring to Socrates actually.  But to be honest I’ve never found Zeus particularly attractive either.”

“Well, my dear girl, you have to know that you were speaking to Zeus yesterday and not Socrates…I should know!”

“Oh!  Why ever would he want to look like Socrates…I mean well, you know Socrates…I mean he’s pretty ugly and he smells…”

“He probably did it to impress you.  Now be warned, he’ll probably try something else, once he’s got his sights set on a woman…”

“But Hera, really, I think you might be exaggerating a tad…I mean look at me, I’m a grandmother for heaven’s sake!”

Bastet finally came around the gazebo in the park and met up with us.

“Hello Kitten!” said Hera, “Well, I’ve got to run now!” and off she went.

“What was that all about?” Bastet wanted to know.

“Seems Hera thinks Zeus has put his “sights” on me.”

“Ach, the old satyr, can’t seem to keep his toga down.  Well, don’t worry, I’ll have Anubis keep an eye on you.  Now for tomorrows WDBWP’s story prompt…”

I’m not much for writing mythology I’m afraid, so I decided to try this approach for Tale Weaver’s Prompt #4 “Zeus the Unfaithful”


12 thoughts on “Meeting Hera – At the Akashic Library

  1. “the old satyr, can’t seem to keep his toga down”- a good one… 😀
    Great setting and an interesting tale told, keeping intact the characteristic features of Zeus and Hera. 🙂


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