Friday Fictioneers – 18 April 2014

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

Clearing out some junk, Jamie came across an old diving helmet.

“I’m Darth Vader’s grandpa!” he wheezed “The empire is ours!!
Problems began, when he tried to take the darn thing off!
“Shit…it’s stuck! I can’t breathe!” he shouted.
“Just keep calm, the little window opens, you’ve got plenty of air.” I replied.
Try as we might, the thing was definitely stuck. It might have been funny as a TV sketch but …
In the end, I had to call the fire department hoping they could solve this problem.
When the fire Chief walked in, he sniggered: “Whoa! Darth Vader’s grandpappy!”

This week’s Friday Fictioneer’s can be found here

I’ve been terribly busy over the past few weeks preparing my husband for major surgery then going back and forth out of town to the hospital…so have not been able to do much reading.  Hopefully things will calm down soon.  Have a great week-end everyone!

14 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – 18 April 2014

  1. Prayers for a speedy and complete recovery for your husband and for patience and strength for you, Georgia. I like your story and the fire chief having the same thought. I can imagine having that stuck on your head would make you feel you couldn’t breathe even if you could. I think you need to do something with “and it would have been funny…” because it seems to me it needs to be followed by “but” and then a resolution to the thought or something else to end it.

    All the best,



    • Janet, thanks, he’s doing very well and is recovering rapidly. I’m just not available much at home…as for the story, I think you might be right there so I’ve tried to retool that line keeping in mind the 100 word limit. In a way I’m glad there’s only 100 words, I wouldn’t know how they could go about removing a diver’s helmet it such a thing ever happened, which doesn’t seem likely.


  2. Great story and I think people with claustrophobia would absolutely pass out if they put this helmet on from a panic attack! The fire chief new who he was pretending to be – good touch! Hope your husband continues to heal! God Bless! I really enjoyed your story. Thanks, Nan 🙂


    • My husband has been doing really well thanks…and I agree being stuck in a helmet would make a quite a few people panic esp if they didn’t know they suffered from claustrophobia. Thanks for you lovely comment! Georgia. 🙂


  3. Dear Georgia,

    He may get out of the helmet but he isn’t going to live it down for a long time. 😉 Funny. I love the way you brought it back around with the fire chief.

    Happy to read in the comments that your husband is recovering. .Prayers for both of you and extra hugs for his caretaker.




    • Dear Rochelle,

      Thanks for your thoughts for my husband and the hugs too!
      I think my character will never live it down…I’m only wondering however would the firemen remove the darn thing!

      Happy Passover!

      Ciao, Georgia.


  4. Good story. I’m happy to hear your husband’s doing well. My dad was a fireman and they had to put grease on the leg of a child who got stuck in a pipe. Dad talked to him so he wouldn’t become scared as Dad pulled on the leg. It finally came out of the pipe. Kids will do those things. 🙂


    • Ah! So happy to hear how a fireman might get that thing off my character’s head. I do know kids do the craziest stuff…remember running to the ER a few times with my eldest :-/ . Thanks for reading Patricia!


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