Regrets? Kyrielle Sonnet – NaPoWriMo

Christopher Ryan McKenney

Christopher Ryan McKenney

The pathway of life twists and turns …
Decisions made, well, sometimes burn
Yet though wounded I don’t regret …
The choices made – Challenges met.

The easier road sometimes chosen
Seemed so tired,  well,  maybe frozen,
Chose I, deserts and minerets …
The choices made – Challenges met.

War and conflict, I didn’t request,
Gave form, well,  to my formal protest …
No ideal theory,  no shallow threat
The choices made – Challenges met.

The pathway of life twists and turns …
The choices made – Challenges met …

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Sunday Prompt the prompt was Soul Searching Regret…and I discovered, or rather I discovered quite some time ago, that over the years, I have made peace with every decision I’ve made until now.  Some decisions were actually made by others and I followed along … which is actually a decision.  We sometimes think that we are forced to walk a pathway we would rather not take, but there is one truth we should never forget:  the responsability for our life is our own.  We can always find a way to say “no” if we are willing to pay the price of that no.  Sometimes we aren’t, and often that too has a pricetag on it.

This doesn’t apply to small children of course…and the choices they make are made adapting the world they know.  It’s only as a person grows and realizes that sometimes what they believed to be a universal truth is only, at best, relative that the responsability for the road they’re following becomes their own, and sometimes the roots are so deep, that they never even realize that there is a choice.


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