Romeo and Juliette – revisited

Young lovers, vow eternal devotion
Yet your vital emotion is thwarted
By sensible forward-looking parents,
In love with successful financial worth.

Off with you dear Juliette – away!
Your Romeo will stay behind they say
Time erodes your fond memories and then,
Into your life soon came, new faces, others.

Through the passing years you change direction,
Your memory has faded and too Romeo …
You wed another … forget your young love,
The passion that was yours is forgotten .

Your choice for the secure and safe bores you…
Life so mundane, you don’t really exist …
Until you walked into that park and saw
Your Romeo of so many years hence.

You are now on your own, no husband,
To walk here by your side…the marriage failed,
He too walks freely, he’s got no attachments
The magic of your youth becomes a flame.

Passion flares though your youth has long since gone
Romeo and Juliette find your love
No knife or poison will destroy your lives
No parents wisdom separate your hearts.
The rightness eclipsed every mistake made along the way.

Speakeasy Prompt # 158


26 thoughts on “Romeo and Juliette – revisited

  1. I never liked Romeo and Juliette — never cared for a love that ended two young lives prematurely, so when I saw the title of your poem, I braced myself for a depressing revisitation to that tired old tale. However, what I got was fresh and new, and it left room for feelings of hope instead of despair. I much prefer your Romeo and Juliette to Shakspeare’s. Well done.


    • Why thanks very much indeed, before I’d actually known what the story was about I liked the idea of two young people falling in love and going against convention…then I found out about what the story was really about and didn’t much care for it. The poetry is beautiful, the balcony scene, fantastic (in fact that was the only part I knew at the time of Shakspeare’s play) but all the rest…from what I could glean from the summary of Llosa’s – Love in the Time of Cholera (I haven’t read the book or seen the film) I thought I could do a revisit of Shakespeare’s story taking it where I’d like it to go ergo … no matter what, somehow they could get together … not so original I think Llosa maybe thought of it first but thanks so much!


  2. “The magic of your youth becomes a flame.”Ah,so true and that last para just said it all-love this different and more realistic take on modern R & J,Georgia 🙂


    • That’s cool…sometimes a love story needs a breather…one never knows what could happen when two people meet up again after some years…the best of luck to the happy couple.


      • Hehe, he started off as one, and now they are 4! She has 2 children. I think it’s great…I must write something about that and share it with him. I have such fond memories of my step-father (my mom’s 2nd husband)


        • 🙂 me too! I mean about my step-father who was such a wonderful man…gave me the love of Japanese art, among other things. Learned only a couple of years back that he was a closet buddhist! I now have one of his Golden Buddah which used to be in his ornamental fish pond. My step father had his two children and my mom us four.


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