Haibun Thinking – Week 14

© Sally - My Beautiful Things

© Sally – My Beautiful Things

Dawn over the sea, gulls over-head.  One of the most beautiful ways to wake up in the morning.

Years ago, we spent a few weeks camping on an isolated beach down in Calabria (Italy) on the Ionian sea.  Every morning a shepherd passed not far from our camp with his flock of sheep.  He was a living alarm clock, his passage meant it was time to get up and prepare breakfast.

The air was cold at that hour of the morning, even though it was August, the hottest month of the year.  The gulls dove into the sea fishing, or maybe they were scavenging what the fishermen left after their late night catch.  We saw their lights out on the sea every evening from 11:00 onwards.

We’d take a walk along the beach after our first cup of coffee, which we prepared over a Coleman burner, it was too cold to swim.  Then we’d eat our breakfast, fix up our improvised sun hut made of old straw mats people had abandoned,  rig the sail to the wind-surf.  After a swim we’d add a new bit to our growing sculpture.  Little things.

Later in the day, we’d go to the nearby public beach and wash off the day’s accumulation of salt from our skin…then have dinner at a “trattoria“.  Or maybe we’d just go to the local store and buy something to grill over an open fire and eat under the stars.

It was a wonderful adventure.  After three weeks though, I was happy to return to my green mountains.

gulls shepherd and wind
red tinted clouds crashing waves
dawn over the Ionian sea

Sun hut in the morning

Written for Haibun Thinking – Photo Prompt




28 thoughts on “Haibun Thinking – Week 14

  1. Wow. That sounds like it was a wonderful time. Too much though and it can be awful I imagine with not enough variety. Such magnificence in that time though


  2. I find too much time at the ocean exhausting, but glorious at first. Your haibun really captures the range of experience of beach dwelling. What a beautiful pairing with the photo. Your sun hut looks fun.


    • It was my first vacation with my present husband and really quite an adventure…especially when he went out with the wind-surf the day before we left and couldn’t get back to the beach. Had to find some fishermen to go out to rescue him, and fortunately there was another couple on the beach that day, as I didn’t drive then… 😉


    • Well, a secret…at a certain point I decided that my because of my white hairs I’d be happier to a more on to a more “civilized” vacation scene, besides my youngest son made his entrance into our lives, so that was the last “free camping” adventure we had. Loved visiting you and thanks for coming by yourself too!


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