The Robin – dVerse

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe sky seemed to want to fall,
The rain did all last night,
And when I finally arose from bed …
Grey clouds filled up the world.

Not a vision I wanted, no,
On this April day of spring …
Seemed closer to September,
Autumn if anything.

I poured a cup of coffee,
The modem was slow today …
Read some writer’s poems,
Just to begin my day.

Though raining quite heavily,
The birds were all a twitter …
Gossips exchanging news
On the roofs and the antennas.

Then on my loggia I heard him,
His chirping, some sharp tweets …
Yes, there upon the railing stood,
The Robin and how he sang so sweet.

This Robin has come to visit,
Every morning of this past week …
But I could never catch him,
In a photograph.

As soon as I approach the door,
With my camera at the ready,
He flits off into the sky …
Coming back, when it’s too late.

So slowly I turned round,
I was sitting at my computer…
Put on my zoom and focused him,
Though I knew the shot would be blurry.

This is my little friend, Robin …
He visits every morning,
He makes me smile on the darkest days
With his merry melody.


Written for dVerse : Open Link Night April 2014

24 thoughts on “The Robin – dVerse

    • That’s what was so special…they do the same here too. Don’t know why, but he’s been coming onto my railing every morning for the past week or so.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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