Siesta Time – Light and Shade Challenge – May 4, 2014

(c) obGmHAa

(c) obGmHAa

2:00 … hot as Hades.

I sat on my balcony and looked down at the sidewalk café, until only an hour ago, it was full of people. Not even a fly buzzed. The cars, all parked. No children, no music. It was almost as though everyone had disappeared from the face of the earth.

Then, it began … the cicada serenade. At first, a short burst. It seemed the cicada wanted to see if anyone was around to listen to it. Then, the chittering became a long noisy presence.

I closed my window and turned on the AC. Siesta time.


When I first came to Italy,  I discovered the siesta hour…should be plural, because everything closed down from 1:00 until 4:00…that was in Liguria in 1970.

Italy, has slowly become “globalized” like the rest of the world, and now, it’s rare that shops close at all during the day, at least where there are tourists, although, this is an age-old rite that has not completely died out, but the big shopping centers are almost always open, though we don’t have the all night affairs yet. 😉

Written for Light and Shade Challenge- Friday May 2, 2014 … go and have a look at this great duo!


13 thoughts on “Siesta Time – Light and Shade Challenge – May 4, 2014

  1. England doesn’t have siesta, but they haven’t bought into night-shopping either. (My daughter took a picture of the mall sign reading “Late night shopping until 7:00PM on Thursday!”)


    • Ah…late night shopping…that’s pretty much northern Italy too…not of course Lombardia or Veneto…they are the money makers. Anyway the further south you the later they close shop…but they also open later :-/


    • You’re welcome…I call this prose form sketches…because it came from a time I was trying to “draw” stories…lots of image…little real action.


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