The Monster Rivals – May 4, 2014


“Tell me if you’re game.” Michael shouted.

“You bet I am!” replied Martin.

The two monsters looked at each other, their great jaws gaping … their roars deafening.  The earth shook as they trundled over to the hill not 40 meters from them.

They chewed into the earth itself, each trying to out-do the other. Two dump trucks filled up with dirt in record time.  The foreman shook his head.  He’d stop watched them, but, the fact of the matter was, they were tied.

Martin and Michael looked at each other, scowling.  Rivals and friends, they’d played this game for just over 10 years.  Sometimes one would win, sometimes the other.  They’d never tied before.

They got out of their mechanic monsters and walked over to the foreman.

“Hey Pete, that can’t be right!” said Martin.

“Sorry lads … unless we get one of those photo finish things no human eye can decide this one.”

The men shook hands.

“Next time!” they both said.

Written for Speakeasy #160

29 thoughts on “The Monster Rivals – May 4, 2014

  1. What a lovely twist, Georgia – from now on, every time I pass a work site with excavators, I’ll wonder whether there’s a race on – something most people are unaware of 🙂

    They shook hands – friendly rivalry – lesson there for all.



    • Glad you liked my little story…I’m really not sure if there are races, but knowing people and their love of competition, I wouldn’t doubt it.

      hope you’re having a great day and thanks for dropping by!



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