Senryu (Italiano – English)

neve di pioppi
Ucraina nei notizie
tristi ricordi

cottenwood snow fall
Ukraine in the news
sad memories

An experiment … I’m trying to figure out how to write senryu and haiku in Italian … that language is very phonetic so the syllable count is easier on the one hand, but they fill up more space than english Syllables do!

Take for example: Notizie…4 syllables…news is only one….So my second line which should be 7 syllables comes out 8 … Ukraine is 2 syllables in English and 3 (Ucraina) in Italian.  On the other hand, the last line…tristi ricordi…is 5 syllbles (yeah!) but 3 in English


neve di pioppo
notizie d’Ucraina
tristi ricordi

Do any of you write Japanese poetry in two languages…do you have translating problems, and how do you get around them without rewriting the poem in the second language?

Love to hear some feedback on this subject…Thanks, Georgia (Bastet)

6 thoughts on “Senryu (Italiano – English)

  1. Non parlano Italiano but I think your English version is a great contemporary haiku. On methods used for Japanese translations contact Zoltan Barczikay at classical-japaneseDOTnet


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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