Sunday Whirl!

I was reading a beautifully written poem on “A Glass of Bubbly” today and came across a blog that I hadn’t seen as yet.  A Wordle prompt site…and I do so love wordles!

159Care-free blackbird,
Wings folded back in the morning …
Sings as the first rays of light,
Break over the mountains

Arise people come see me sing”
He seems to say as he warbles
Life is new, I’m free from dark night!
Open your eyes, if you’re not broken or dead!”

Even if for just a moment,
When everyone else sleeps
I’m calm and serene …
Whilst the blackbird sings.

Written for The Sunday Whirl Wordle #159



25 thoughts on “Sunday Whirl!

      • I know I’ve seen one somewhere that’s a real monster (I think it’s about 24 words or so)… I think it’s a monthly one, but I can’t remember where… Will let you know if I can find it again! *smile*


          • Found it at, but it seems they’re moving and I’m not sure they’ll take the monster wordle with them… Anyway, check it out if you want… *smile*


          • Went over to wewritepoems…which I hadn’t visited for a bit…didn’t find the monster word, but had fun looking through their old prompts! Also went to see Red Wolf Poems…cool!


  1. Where I now moved to we have red-winged blackbirds and they sound very similar…just love to sit outside and try to distinguish which call is who’s the first spring here …enjoyed your poem and the song 😉


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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