The Football Game (as in soccer)

They lost … 4 to 1, but you can’t really blame them!

The home team made the first goal of the day…we were all happy and shouting when there was the terrible crash!  Two men on bicycles coming from opposite directions, at full speed, had a head-on collision.

Now you might not think that that is a big problem, but one guy opened his head up and the other broke both his legs.  Of course everyone became distracted, and right at that moment, the rival team made their first goal!

Then, in a nearby field, two helicopters landed.  One hovered as the other picked up the poor cyclist who’d opened up his head.  The other helicopter then landed and took the second cyclist away.  Of course the game was suspended when the first of the two helicopters came into sight…but too late, another goal had been placed!

Under by two goals, the home team finally placed the second goal of the day.  Unfortunately, in the wrong goalpost.  I think at this moment our team had their morale in their socks.

Everyone was leaving when a man started shouting at the top of his lungs!  There’s a Touareg blocking my car!  Two gentlemen from Morocco looked around in confusion, but there were Touaregs and no camels in sight.

This is loosely based on a local football match that took place yesterday afternoon, which my son told me about.

5 thoughts on “The Football Game (as in soccer)

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