Wordle Monday! The Abate’s Reserves…


In the lonely tower
A beak nosed monk
Fought the erratic jar

The Abate strained
Then nearly sprained
His feeble wrist …

The peach jam jar
Was sealed for eternity,
It couldn’t be opened!

The preserve’s seal
Solemnly read:
Canned in 1965

He’d had some reserves
About the chimerical date
Would the stuff be good?

He could chill now
The jar wouldn’t open
He’d no need for anguish!

This cool Wordle came from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie…have a go..I think I will have another later on!


10 thoughts on “Wordle Monday! The Abate’s Reserves…

  1. lol Georgia I would be worried myself about the contents after so much years. You probably haven’t played Baldur’s Gate but it’s RPG game and they have a foe called mustard jelly and I think that jam might be alive by now haha


    • I admit it…I’ve never played Badur’s Gate, although I know the game by name (my son played it) … definately wouldn’t trust the stuff myself, so it was just as well he couldn’t open the jar!


  2. This sits very nicely with me, and please take it as a compliment when I say I needed some comic relief! Well done! *smile*


    • Thanks Hank…nope, don’t think it would be a good idea, in fact might be a candidate for a bit in the history museum of the convent! 😉



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