Red Wolf Wordle – Collision – An Odyssey of Life


Red Wolf Wordle #17

Red Wolf Wordle #17

Through the mists of time
My boat sailed up an unknown channel
Limpid was the river water
Between the willowed banks

I rose my striped sails, caught the wind,
Though mists seemed to veil the valley
Loud happy mallards played so carefree
That I forsook all caution and worry…

Then, upon rounding a faithless bend …
Pulled by wild currents of impermanence,
I came suddenly upon an unknown vale …
‘Twas dark, boggy, filled with lifeless muck.

The scenery was gloomy and forsaken,
Stones poked perilously from the waters
Camouflaged in tendrils of bloody algae,
Cautioned, I pulled out my rowing oars.

I heard the sound of an eerie gramophone …
It’s melody a macabre and sad slow dirge …
Distracted by a sudden trumpet blast,
I collided against a phantom wall …

The wall was covered in ancient runes,
Magic symbols danced around dark fissures …
Firey ink seemed to have written there
A cryptic epic poem of many stanzas.

High above, upon the ancient wall,
I saw there was a golden cage …
Doll-like demons were playing cards
Deciding the fate of dueling men …

Though without a drop of pleasure
I descended then into the muddy torrent,
Pulling my barque I slipped into the current …
And hoped to find my way into homey waters.

The water was soon limpid
As I flowed closer to the sea
The tide was going out right then
And pulled me into a bay.

Droplets of moon-light fell silently
Into the calm early evening sea,
I raised my striped sails once again,
To catch the scented evening breeze.

Onwards I sail for the time I have,
Upon the byways of existence,
Through golden light and demon’s fire,
That are the textures and colors of life.

Inspired by We Wordle #17 Red Wolf Poemand added to Poet’s Corner


19 thoughts on “Red Wolf Wordle – Collision – An Odyssey of Life

  1. aloha Georgia. i like the easy flow of reading this. it’s story-like nature and yet dream-like texture and then the surprise (to me) ending that equates all of that to life. an intriguing journey. fun. aloha.


    • Thanks Rick…I enjoyed doing this wordle very much, in fact I’m enjoying doing all of the wordles I’ve come upon lately. Some have come up with interesting stories, like this one! Ciao dear friend!


  2. I’m loving this! Haven’t quite decided if I’ll give it a go or not yet… *smile* Especially after reading this!


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