A Good Scare!

Jessica wasn’t fond of the new modern horror movies.  She much preferred the age-old Bela Lugosi sort, with vampires or mummies not the new fangled psychological sorts.  One evening, since her husband was out, she decided to watch a horror flick on the TV, “Nightmare”.

So she made some pop-corn and sat down to watch it.  The movie couldn’t really be all that bad.  Lots of pretty good scare material she thought, even if a little bloody. She sat back down and through one shocking scene to another forgot to eat her popcorn.

Then the last scene …

Her husband came back from his bowling match and walked quietly into the darkened living-room where Jessica was fully immersed in her film.

He touched her shoulder and said “Hi dear!”

She let out a blood curdling scream and the pop-corn flew throughout the room.

Written for Promt 55 “Slowing Dawning Horror” at Mindlovemisery.

I have to admit, something very similar happened to me twice.  Once during the last scene of Nightmare, I was alone and the phone suddenly started ringing, making me jump out of my skin.

The other time I was watching I don’t remember which movie when my ex-husband came up on me on tip toes and went boo…I think that’s were I go my first white hairs 😉

10 thoughts on “A Good Scare!

  1. I would have done the same in the character’s place. I am quite easily startled because I get so caught up in whatever I am doing or watching that I just don’t notice my surroundings


  2. Hahaha… You’d have thought your husband would have learned after the first time, right? I was wondering where you were going with this, but it was a great read!


  3. Great story Georgia, I was reminded of seeing Jaws for the first time and realsing in the scene where the shark comes out of the water and onto the boat that I was climbing over the seat I was in and into the row behind. A mate of mine showered the people in the row behind him with popcorn in the same scene. The things that scare us.


    • Well, being in Australia, where white sharks roam the ocean fron, just might have had its weight, do you think? Still it is amazing that certain things will raise a scream and the same thing will just leave another person cold…


  4. Oh I can so relate to the fear but I would never watch a scary movie alone. I have 3 Stephen King books I am waiting to read on vacation during the daytime or maybe I’ll wait until I retire…scary!


    • I avoid this sort of thing now days, funny though, when I was a teenager I really lapped that stuff up…but it seems to me the horror stories were less psychological back then, just good old zombies or whatever.


        • Never saw Cape Fear…the Dracula stuff never convinced me, guess because I just can’t believe that stuff, but the psychological stuff is a whole different kettle of fish.


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