My Childhood Street …

The street I lived on in childhood
Took me across a country and an ocean
From Illinois to Mississippi
Onwards to the Philippines, New Jersey then Alaska …

I never stayed quite long enough
To ever call anyplace home
As I wandered with my parents
From one Air Force base to another …

My memories of the United States
Aren’t based upon reality
My life there was inside compounds
A regulated society …

Rootless my childhood,
Though varied without doubt
I found my home in Italy
In Trento a northern province of the Alps.

If I could put a name to my street,
The one that I travelled in my youth,
I’d call it Impermanence …
A lesson learnt early in life.

Inspired by Pooky’s Prompts … Prompt 11: The Street Where You Grew Up.


4 thoughts on “My Childhood Street …

  1. I can so relate to this… Though my impermanence didn’t take me quite as far with every move, I know what being root-less can feel like. Beautifully described… Oh, and I love the Alps!!! *sigh* Lived in Switzerland a few years and have since then called Switzerland my home.


    • 🙂 thanks for dropping by. I woul love to see Switzerland…mine are the Italian Alps, but I’ve heard so much about Switzerland and to think I could probably be there is just a few hours…


  2. Well done Georgia you conveyed your sense of a no place to cal home very well. I imagine children of parents in the armed services all have experiences like this. Now I know a little more about you.


    • Yes, I think many do actually, some less than others especially those who change stations often probably do. Glad to let you see a little more of me!


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