The Past … May 11, 2014 (Free Quatrain)



Weaving down an alley way
My mind went back to ages past
When in this flower of art and culture
The streets were paved in urine …

Funny how we’ve so soon forgotten
The miasma of London town
Cholera raged in the land
Not so many years ago …

The city streets throughout the world
Were filled with horse and carriages …
Now we complain if we find dog poo,
Imagine the streets back then!

The skies of London were thick and black
As coal burnt in homes and factories …
Smog is not a new visitor
We’ve just invented it’s new moniker …

Throughout the ages plague and famine
Were common, among most men …
Yet we only ruined small areas,
Of our Mother Earth back then.

Walking through medieval streets
History surrounds me daily …
I can’t help but remember
How our life has changed so radically.




in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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