The Truck – Haibun

“Late!” Mariel said to herself as she sat behind a slow-moving  semi-trailer truck.  The road was a two lane up hill affair in the middle of town, houses on both sides.  The car in front of her, passed the truck leaving her behind him.

“Damn … we’re going to miss your train!” she said to her son.

She weaved a little out into the next lane and saw all was clear.  She decided to pass.  She moved into the next lane, geared down and accelerator trying to get enough speed to pass the long vehicle, but it was an uphill climb.  All of a sudden up ahead, as she was half past the semi, another truck appeared. It was barreling down on her.

The Fiat Panda, reduced to twisted metal, crushed by two trucks on the road this afternoon left the two passengers dead on impact as the tsrier had tried to pass illegally!

“Oh my God, oh my God!” she kept repeating as she floor-boarded the car.  Finally she had gotten past the monster and pulled into her own lane with just inches to spare.

Her son looked at her, a little ashen, and began to hum: “Do You Believe in Magic”.

dawning horror
accident inevitable
death avoided by fate

Prompt 55 “Slowing Dawning Horror” at Mindlovemisery.

I’m terrified of passing trucks, in fact I’m terrified of passing…my imagination plays terrible color visions of awful collisions when I get it into my head to try.

6 thoughts on “The Truck – Haibun

    • I live in a mountainous region of Italy…and all too often one is treated to this sort of scene…know how you feel, some of these roads are so tight! A terrible experience.


  1. This, and Mindlovemisery’s comment, makes me think of a family road-trip when I was about 7 and the S-shaped alpine roads… Scary stuff!


  2. Sooooooooo scary!!! My goodness! My son was telling me a story of a speed chase he had this past winter…He knew the guy was high on something, swerving all over, he call police and they told him to keep on his tail until they caught up…the winding country roads were scary. Gee this scared me, kiddo…don’t DO that!! I may not read the others tonight so I can sleep.


    • Sorry I scared you … and would have scared myself too if I’d ever try something like that, but I’ve seen so many others do it and the hairs on my arms still raise! Crazy the police wanting your son to take that risk! Hope you slept well…


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